CROSSFIRE out now!

The new EP CROSSIFRE is out now!


Click HERE to stream it, buy it, love it and hate it.







- Sarah


Teaser of upcoming EP CROSSFIRE

Well look at this: new music is on its way! :D

Check out the teaser HERE


CROSSFIRE will be released on 17th of December, which makes it the perfect gift for Christmas!

Pre-order HERE


- Sarah


Groupees bundle including COLLISION

For 14 more days you can get the EP COLLISION, 7 video games and 2 more digital albums just for $2. 10% will be donated to Indie Grant Charity.

Get this bundle @ Groupees


- Sarah


COLLISION out now!

 The EP COLLISION is out now!

Click here for your drug of choice


Listen to it on Soundcloud:



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- Sarah



With the first song off the upcoming EP COLLISION called "Space Drift" now up on Youtube, pre-order of COLLISION starts now.

Make sure you're subscribed to my channel, I will upload all five songs of the EP until release on 4th of September.


Listen to "Space Drift":

and Pre-order on Bandcamp:


- Sarah


Interview on Hyperreal Records


Want to know more about me and the upcoming EP Collision? Then check out the interview on Hyperreal Records:


- Sarah


Release of COLLISION (EP)

Great news: the EP Collision will be released on 4th of September!


You can listen to the sampler here:





1. Space Drift

2. Lined Up

3. Approaching

4. Fallen
5. Vacuum


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- Sarah


Hyperreal Records and Fotoshooting

As of today I am part of the family at Hyperreal Records - YAY!

With a place for my music, expect more releases in the future!


I also had a fotoshooting last Friday, see the pics below.


- Sarah



Remix "What The F**k Is This"

I finished my remix of Xivil's "What The F**k Is This", listen to a dubstep track becoming some sort of drum n bassish rock tune!


- Sarah


Album Production Meditations After Sunset

It's been a while, since I let you know what's going on with Tempest In A Rack.

That's because I'm currently working with the band Meditations After Sunset (Facebook) on their very first record.

We are very busy recording the songs, and there is still a lot to do over the next months. After recording, I'll be mixing and producing the album. It will be a long journey for sure, but it will be absolutely worth the effort! The guys are very talented and deserve a great sounding album. 

Show them some love and like their page to stay updated:


I'm still also working on soundtracks - who needs sleep anyways?


- Sarah 


Halloween Track "Lost"

I did a thing for Halloween... check it out on Youtube. :-)


- Sarah


"Phantoms" on Youtube

"Phantoms" by Xivil and me has been featured on a promotion channel on Youtube, awesome! Give it a like an subscribe!


- Sarah


Remix "Bittersweet Lie"

My remix of Al Defender's "Bittersweet Lie" feat. EF & Bullet of Reason is done - you can check it out on soundcloud and download it for free! Enjoy!


- Sarah


The Hi-Finesse: 2D Main Theme (Xivil)

I had another chance to write a soundtrack for the game The Hi-Finesse: 2D and also work together with Xivil again. The outcome of this collab is another awesome orchestral/dubstep song, check it out here:

You can also support the game by voting for it on Steam Greenlight:


- Sarah


Collab with Xivil

An awesome collab with Xivil has been made! It's a mixture of dubstep and orchestral and sounds so sick! Check it out on Soundcloud and download the track for free:


- Sarah


"The Hi-Finesse: 2D"

I wrote two soundtracks for an indie video game called "The Hi-Finesse: 2D". It's a Sci-fi Tactical Point & Click Action game currently in development by Sondre Dragsnes & Francis R. Cole. Head on over to "Portfolio" and check them out! There you'll also find a link to the Facebook page of their game.


- Sarah


"Jesse Remixed"

On October 31st Microwaved released an album called "Jesse Remixed", which contains a lot of great remixes including one of "World Destruction" done by me. You can check it out on Bandcamp 

and also get it there.


I had a lot of fun making this remix! 

- Sarah



Well, hello there! Finally this website is up and running. It has soundtracks embedded at "Sound", there is an introduction of myself at "About". If you have any questions, you can even contact me at "Contact" (who'd have guessed it?).

I am constantly working on new music, so make sure to come back and check out the news or if you want to get updated automatically, like the TIAR site on Facebook:

and/or follow on Twitter:


- Sarah